Why Meaning is the New Luxury

Luxury is a word that stirs thoughts of exclusivity, pampering, material ease and fleeting comfort. It’s something we strive to attain but often fall short of achieving for any lasting time. It’s also, in part, a passé concept conceived in a time of opulence and excess by those who “had” while others strained their necks to get a glimpse of the luxury they “had not”.

Times have changed. I believe we have moved beyond the idea that “luxury” is a material goal. We are in a time of searching for those things that matter to us – things with deliberate intent – things with meaning.

Luxury does not have to be a massage on a yacht in the Caribbean. Luxury, for you, may be sharing a wonderful meal with family and friends or reading a good book snuggled under your favorite throw.

Finding something that gives us joy, brings us peace of mind, or conjures happy memories — that is lasting luxury. Finding true luxury means weeding through the noise of “SALES!! BLACK FRIDAYS!! LIQUIDATIONS!!” to a quiet place that focuses on what matters most — what is really important to you.

At Open Home, it is my goal to bring items to you that stir feelings of luxury through meaning. I want to help you find the perfect gift for those you love and the perfect items for your home. Items we cherish, we can live with, and love and share.

I want to bring luxury to you that lasts. Luxury through objects that bring thoughts and feelings that you will pass down through the generations.

Meaning truly is the New Luxury.