Redefining Expressions of Love

If you are like me, you have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. It can be a fun holiday, with a lighthearted air of whimsy OR the pressure of the holiday of perfect love can create some stressful challenges for all of us.

 Whatever your feelings about the sentiment of the day, it is another passage of time during the year that many will celebrate and wish to make special. So, perhaps it’s time to redefine the holiday to be more inclusive and less disappointing. By readjusting our attitudes, we can make Valentine’s Day an all-inclusive holiday.

 This Valentine’s Day, while pondering how to make this year a memorable one, I encourage you to consider shunning the conventional theory of the holiday and embrace the Valentine’s Day of elementary school – where EVERYONE is your Valentine.

 Not only will this take some of the pressure off focusing on ONE person, it will also illustrate to you just how much love there actually is in your life. That is a message we can all use a little more of.

 So how do you pull this off, without putting a construction-paper-covered shoe box on your front porch? Forget the expense. Forget the wasted effort. Forget the pressure. Adjust your attitude.

 Take the Pressure Off. Make a deal with your significant other that you are not going to make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day. Explain that you would rather you both celebrate ALL the love in your life, not just one love in your life.

 Spread the love. Think of the expense of Valentine’s Day – flowers, expensive dinners, gifts – make a choice to forgo that for two, and redistribute it for everyone.  Small remembrances for everyone you encounter – a small package of conversation hearts or little valentines ready to distribute may be the only Valentine someone gets. You could be the difference between a lonely day or making someone’s day!

 Meaning, not expense. Meaning, not opulence. Meaning, not wasted effort. The love you have for that special someone is not in an expensive item or vacation, it is inside you, and your thoughtfulness is the most important gift you can give. At the end of Valentine’s Day, you can both celebrate all the love you encounter every day.

 This Valentine’s Day, Meaning is the New Luxury.