Kate's Beauty Picks for a Festive New Year

Our beauty advisor, Kate Norton, has been out shopping again for those special things to carry with you in your little black bag this New Year’s Eve.  Here’s a quick Q&A with Kate along with her special picks for a great New Year’s Eve look.

OH: Tell me what you like about New Year’s Eve.

KN: I like New Year’s Eve because it allows me to celebrate with family and friends, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new year.

OH: What’s your favorite thing to do on New Year’s Eve?

KN: We like to celebrate the British New Year at 6 pm our time, which is midnight in England, by watching the London fireworks on the BBC. We go all out by wearing hats, pulling champagne poppers and having a toast. Then we have a nice dinner, curl up as family and watch the ball drop. 

OH: Are there any English New Year’s traditions that we don’t celebrate in the states?

KN: An English New Year’s Eve tradition is to go to the pub and when the clock strikes midnight everyone sings Auld Lang Syne, arm in arm and toast each other.

OH: What do you have for us to make the New Year shine?

Here are my essential picks to Indulge in the glimmer and shimmer of New Year’s Eve, picked up from a recent trip to Sephora.

This is a perfect trio to take you out on the town.  The lip gloss has just the right amount of glossy shimmer.  The Dewy Stix give your cheekbones a healthy glow, and the liquid shadow adds sparkle and drama to your special evening. 

Take them with you with one of Open Home's fabulous vintage inspired handbags to give your style that Holly-Go-Lightly nudge. Top it off with a Champagne Cocktail mini cocktail kit, also from Open Home, to ensure you spread cheer and good wishes wherever the evening takes you.