How to Use Paint Colors in your Home

Not everyone likes to use color in the same way, and that is okay. Your home should be a reflection of you, and how you use color shows your true personality. There are several ways to use color, and the most important thing to know is how it makes your home shine. See our tips below for great ways to use color to make your house shine!

  1. Not everyone wants color on the walls, and that’s okay. White walls can be really beautiful. They make an architectural statement about your home and give you a great opportunity to use color in your furniture and artwork.
  2. Unless you want a completely dark room, I don’t suggest dark colors on walls. Dark colors absorb light, just like you learned in grade school science class, and make a room appear darker and smaller. So unless you are trying to make a room dark on purpose (a movie theater, for example). Light walls make for a light, airy room. Dark colors can be used on upholstery and pillows or even on a small accent wall, but overall, avoid dark colors unless you have an extraordinary amount of natural light.
  3. To give your home a more cohesive feel, the entire house should be in a predetermined color pallet. Think of your home as something you would wear. It should “match” room-by-room. Rooms don’t have to be all the same color, but they should have some continuity. This will give you a peace and a feng shui as you navigate from room to room.
  4. Know when to paint the ceiling. It is not always important to worry about the paint color on a ceiling. If you have higher than normal ceilings and are using a fairly light color on the walls, a very light gray color is your best option (very white is almost never a good idea). But, if your ceilings are less than eight feet high or you are painting the room a very dark color, painting them two shades lighter than the walls will make your space feel bigger.
  5. Leave “funky” colors off of the walls and use them in ways that can be switched out when you get tired of them. If you are a fan of bright tropical or Mediterranean style colors, a good way to use them without great cost commitment is to paint your walls a neutral color and use the bright “funky” colors in unexpected ways. For example, paint your walls a robin’s egg blue and decorate with a bright orange sofa with aqua throw pillows. It gives you a great deal of versatility in your color choices and the opportunity to change out your style every few years.