Fill Your Home with Your Own Kind of Beauty

In college, my art history professor defined Art as “anything aesthetically pleasing”.  I love this definition because it allows you to be the judge of what is beautiful - It includes EVERYONE in the conversation.  What is aesthetically pleasing to me may not be to someone else.

My daughter, Ellen, made this construction paper art in 4th grade.  It hangs on the wall in my kitchen.

My daughter, Ellen, made this construction paper art in 4th grade.  It hangs on the wall in my kitchen.

To surround yourself with what you think is beautiful, you don’t have to go out, buy the biggest house and fill it with expensive things.:

  • Take pride in the home you have: Whatever you can afford should make you proud. You are providing yourself and your family with a home.  And making that home beautiful – no matter the size or shape – is a way of showing your pride. 
  • De-Clutter: In order to truly appreciate the things you have, you must get rid of what you don’t want and don’t use regularly. Less-is-more when creating beauty in your home.  De-cluttering saves you time because you can find what you want quickly and de-cluttering gives you more options, because then you can actually see everything you have.  Clean out kitchen cabinets, closets, the garage and basement once a year.  Once you deal with the clutter, you will feel a huge stress relief and can truly enjoy your home.
  • Use what you have: You don’t have to spend great amounts of money to decorate. Frame the work from your children’s art classes and hang them in a collage on your dining room or family room wall.  If you love plants, cultivate them in your windows and find creative ways to “bring the outdoors inside”.  If beauty means color to you – paint your walls.  Don’t be afraid of color. If you inherited something unusual from your grandmother, frame it or display it in a unique way and use it as artwork – figurines, needlework, even spoons from Niagara Falls can be creatively displayed. 
  • Maintain the beauty: If you make it beautiful and then don’t take care of it, what is the point? Part of beauty is maintenance. If something breaks or gets dirty, repair it or clean it immediately. Don’t let it go until later.  Letting it go will allow you time to get used to it that way.  Then you will be less likely to take care of it later.  Keeping things fresh will allow them to continue to bring you joy.