Bringing Texture into Your Home

When you think of texture, it is all about dimension and touch – the way something feels when you run your hands over it.  But texture in the home can be defined with a much broader brush.  Texture in your home can be anything that makes your eye move – anything that gives a room aspect or dimension. 

Beyond a broader definition, texture is that often-forgotten element that gives your home added interest and warmth.  Texture reaches out to you in a home and invites you in. 

Wall Coverings: whether it’s a faux alligator or leather wall covering, or a wallpaper that creates contrast and movement with color, it can do a lot to add an element of dimension to your home.  In my entry, I chose a wallpaper that gives the illusion of moiré taffeta.  It is smooth to the touch, but creates depth and movement with light and color and makes the space feel warm and inviting.  To add texture in our bedroom, I chose grass cloth.  Grass cloth is organic and often neutral in color but the choices of grass cloth today would delight you. 

Fabrics: Fabric is a great way to bring texture into your home.  If you are uncertain of how much texture you would like in your fabrics, don’t commit to a very textured sofa or armchair, begin with small things like pillows and accessories.  Accent pillows in a crewel pattern, a faux fur blanket or a footstool with tassels can do a great deal to bring warmth to a sitting space.

Hard Surfaces: Texture with hard surfaces is also a way to soften a room with lots of straight lines.  An unfinished edge on a marble countertop or a distressed farm table can bring interest and dimension to any kitchen.  An organic wood piece in a sleek contemporary room will give the contrast needed to make a room feel inviting. 

Light: Light is incredibly important in bringing texture into your home.  A shimmer or a shadow can create a mood or element of surprise in an otherwise boring space.  I chose a grey crushed velvet for the sofa in our study.  Anytime someone touches it, new elements of texture appear.  In our dining room, I selected a metallic wallpaper that bounces light around the walls in the daytime, and picks up the subtle glow of our crystal light fixtures at night.  The light in that room makes it special and interesting throughout the day.

Bringing texture into your home is adding an element of the unexpected and can be achieved in many ways.  Be brave with texture and your home will be warm and inviting.